Bad Lay-Dee teaching school children

(that’s bad meaning good!)

Originally commissioned by Hackney Museum as a poetry and music workshop based on the ‘Roots, Rhythms & Records’ exhibition, Bad Lay-Dee’s Music Workshop has now been successfully delivered to nearly 1,500 young people in Hackney and has now gone on the road and is being delivered in schools across London.

Children taking part in a music workshop

Delivered by a professional singer and rapper, the workshop uses skills such as writing, listening, learning and collaborating. The workshop aims to ‘catch young people early’, getting them to think about how they can use music and poetry to channel their energies into making a positive change within themselves and their communities.

In contrast to music forms such as Drillthe workshop focuses on using music in a very positive way. With anti-knife-and-gun-crime messages, it has been really powerful in getting young people to open up and talk about their feeling – encouraging them to use ‘words NOT weapons!’

The workshop is helping to create positive voices of the future and the aim is to make the workshop available to as many young people, as possible. If you are interested in booking the workshop or you would like to find out more information about the content and/or th facilitator, please get in touch.

“The delivery of the session was excellent! From the music to the content. All of the children were engaged and some children that would never usually come up to the front to perform were volunteering themselves. It was excellent to see.” Shoreditch Park Primary School

“Donna (aka Bad Lay-Dee) is a joy to work with and has all the creative skills, natural teaching ability, innovation and passion that are often so hard to find in one person! The sessions she co-developed with the museum for Black History Season this year are amongst the best we’ve experienced and the whole team feels privileged to have worked with her.” – Hackney Museum, Heritage Schools Manager

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