Poetry and music workshops for schools

Bad Lay-Dee’s poetry and music workshops combine literacy and music education to help children and young people at KS2 and KS3 develop their listening, writing, collaboration, and communication skills. The sessions have been developed to help complement the school curriculum, incorporating music and performing arts alongside English and creative writing, and have so far been delivered to over 5,000 school children with 100% positive feedback.

School children creative writing

Throughout the sessions, young people are encouraged to express themselves through performance and creative writing, providing them with a safe space to work on building their confidence and self-esteem.

After working with Bad Lay-Dee for Black History Month, I was very eager to continue this work in LGBTQI+ History Month. I would strongly recommend inviting Bad Lay-Dee in to work with your students; it’s not often that that we get the opportunity to hear about the student’s own truths and experiences in such a powerful way.

Through inspiring and creative workshops with Bad Lay-Dee, students in my year 8 group led an assembly in which a huge range of students performed raps, poetry and spoken word about respect, identity and being themselves.  Daniel Cain-Reed, Head of Year 8, Woodside High School

Teachers’ feedback

Feedback from teachers has been consistently positive. Every class teacher involved in a workshop has been asked to fill in an evaluation form at the end of the session.  

  • 100% of teachers gave the session positive feedback (86% Excellent / 14% Good) 
  • 100% of teachers agreed that the children enjoyed the session (with 92% strongly agreeing)
  • 100% of teachers agreed that the session had improved students’ understanding of the subject (with 77% strongly agreeing).

“Bad Lay-Dee delivered an excellent workshop. All of the children were engaged and relished the opportunity to express themselves creatively. It opened their eyes to a different aspect of poetry that is very relevant to them as many of them listen to and enjoy rap music but wouldn’t normally engage in poetry. We would love to work with Bad Lay-Dee again in the future.”  Ebony Fergus, Literacy Lead, Daubeney Primary School

‘It was very interesting and inspiring how Bad Lay-Dee combined rap with poetry. It was really good!’ – Year 6 pupil

‘The children really enjoyed it and were able to express themselves creatively.’ – Year 5 teacher

The workshops inspire children and young people to think about how they can use writing and performance techniques to make positive changes within themselves and their communities. 

Bad Lay-Dee teaching a class of school children

The workshop is also adaptable and has been successfully delivered to young people with special educational needs (SEN/D) and autism.

If you are interested in booking a workshop or set of workshops for your school, please get in touch for more information.

Read all about ‘World Poetry Day’ workshops delivered at Daubeney Primary School: The Year 5 children were excited today (22nd March 2019) when Bad Lay- Dee, a professional music artist came to class to help the children write a free-style rap poem. 

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